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About This Knowledge Base

Welcome to our online help center on seed collection, seed banking, germination, and other relevant topics to support scaling up your planting projects. Here you will find answers to some questions you might have after watching the Terraformation Academy courses Seed Collection and Foundations of Seed Banking and reading the accompanying textbooks. Please note that this platform is intended to be an additional resource to integrate with these fundamental courses, not to replace them or to cover all aspects of seed conservation.

How to Use This Knowledge Base

  1. If you want to deepen your knowledge after watching the videos and reading the textbooks, explore this platform through the “Seed Collecting,” “Seed Banking,” and “Germination & Dormancy” categories displayed below. In each category, you will find sections that correspond to topics under those categories, and you can browse each section to discover answers to questions you may have during your practical work.
  2. If you have specific questions, try entering keywords using the search engine. This will guide you to topics that contain your keyword.
  3. If, after steps 1 and 2, you do not find an answer to your question, you can submit a request. Please clearly describe your question or concern, and one of our team members will contact you to help.